The Work of Leaders - How Vision, Alignment and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead

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"The Work of Leaders is a bright gem of a book. In a crystal clear and to-the-point style, the authors make leadership instantly accessible with a memorable model, rock solid fundamentals, original research, compelling stories, and highly practical tips for putting the principles to immediate use. There are invaluable lessons on every page, and you'll enjoy discovering each one. We highly recommend The Work of Leaders to anyone who aspires to make extraordinary things happen in organizations."  So concludes Jim Kouses and Barry Posner, authors of best-selling The Leadership Challenge® 

This incredibly researched playbook provides leaders at all levels with opportunities to reflect on how they approach each step of the VAE model: articulating their VISION, rallying others to ALIGN around their goals and EXECUTING action steps.  This isn’t theory but personalized, practical strategies that give clear direction with easy to apply process steps for any leader:  new or seasoned.

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